Ullal MLA Khader to the rescue of a sinking Gregory Patrao.

5:01 PM, Thursday, June 24th, 2010
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U.T. Khader and congress leaders participated in Patravo Protest

U.T. Khader and congress leaders participated in Patravo Protest

24.06.10 Mangalore : As the farmers’ agitation against MRPL expansion and KIADB’s destructive tactics in land acquisition from a (Bela) GP member Gregory Patrao entered 8th day, Ullal (Congress) MLA, young U.T. Khader made his entry at the DCO gates stage and addressed the gathering in support of the farmers’ land struggle against giant industries (MRPL) and special economic Zonal forts (MSEZ).

Khader pointed out in his roadside speech that Gregory was a Green leader and common man who was hunted by state bodies in the name of development and money incomes. Such industries are not suited to the coast which make local people helpless in their own land. The present Govt issues all kinds of advertisement that suit only rich people, such as luxury goods. Why does it deny the same facility for the common people, farmers and small investors? He asked. The Govt did not do any justice to the Vigilance Commissioner,
(Lokayukta) who is a retired Justice of Supreme Court, by denying powers to him in punishing MLAs and corrupt officers of the state who are supposed to serve the common people. Khader blamed the BJP Govt for Lokayukta’s resignation on Wednesday (June 23) affective from 31st August. The resignation was a slap on BJP CM’s face, he added.
If the Govt has any sense of remorse on Justice Hegde’s sudden resignation, the CM should go to the home of the Lokayukta and seek his pardon for the rude behaviors of the rulers so far, Khader asserted. Such a colossal in justice should not have happened to a retired SC Justice who took over as Lokayukta in Bangalore, he pointed out.
If the Lokayukta cannot get Justice, how can a common man like Patrao get it in his case from the state? The matter should be discussed in the legislature, in the interests of farmers and poor land holders, by U.T. Khader and other local MLAs, said Ivan D’Souza, a lawyer. The feeling that whatever the elected Govt, does common people do not bother, is wrong and should be exposed as such, he added.
The Youth Wing of Jamaat-e-Islami also took part in the Dharana on its 8th day. Its convener, Mohd. Kunhi told the gathering in pouring rains that Gregory has suffered unnecessary and has scope to fight for justice that is his right also, but the state prevents him to seek justice by pre-empting it and therefore, everyone should support him and together oppose the atrocious state bodies like KIADB and MSEZ. Otherwise, common men will die and only companies will survive in near future in the name of all-round development, by grabbing lands and demolishing ancestral houses in West Coast, he warned.
Gregery’s belonging are kept by KIADB in another person’s house, but Gregory would not move out of his land, sources said at the meeting.
Harappa Mnachi, of Sanmarga publications, Maulana Yahya Thangal, Khatib of Havva mosque, in Bolangady, Mohd. Munsin, Jamaat-e-Islmi deputy leader had participated in the protest rally at DCO gates, amid rains on Thursday.


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