Unwanted calls from telemarketing firms: FM seeks reign – in Control.

8:37 PM, Friday, August 6th, 2010

New Delhi : Union Finance Minster Pranab Mukherjee rarely gets angry, and if he does, he apologises, but this time unwanted calls from Telemarketing companies seeking business have upset him so much that the central govt, has stepped in to control business calls that annoy  common people like a sex worker showing off her body. Obviously, business is now forced upon the common man who has no money to pay for, and when too many calls and talks over phone invite Cancer of the brain, the scientists tell us.
The calls made by aggressive marketeers actually interfere with the privacy of a household, says the tainted telecom minister A. Raja, and he has instructed secretaries of his ministry for immediate action against tempting calls, one understands.
Unwanted SMS calls were received by Ministers Ambika Soni and an opposition MP when they were in a luncheon meeting with others over resolving the question of ever rising prices when inflation was going downward, and FM was disturbed by such calls breaking in at such a critical time to influence leaders and their parties.
The marketing (wholesale / retail) companies were trying to reach rich parties among “Aam Admi (common people)” to sell their products and services in a one-upmanship competition that could break the economy (as in USA) instead of making it (as in China). The result of such business calls (seeking orders from would be customers) was so harmful to ordinary householders that they were fed up with such interference into their private world at home, indicated P.J. Thomas, telecom dept, secretary who received strict instructions to ward off such intimacy, from none other than A. Raja, who has allegations of corruption and cheating govt, of lawful earnings. He should know more.

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