Urdu medium schools need teachers and text books: UTA.

8:56 PM, Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010
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Mangalore : Urdu Badshah Indi, chairman of Urdu Teachers’ Assn, (UTA) DK dt, today complained of non-availability of teachers in kannada and English in Urdu HP Schools in the district. He also referred to lack of infrastructural facilities to students.
He was inaugurating a cultural competition for minority students, jointly organised by DPI and Kudroli Urdu HP School, at its premises on Aug 4. indi complained that students and teachers of govt Urdu schools were neglected by officials who had double standards in vogue at the government levels. Five Urdu schools participated in this variety programmes.

Indi pointed out that Urdu text books had not been distributed to the Urdu medium students as yet, due to the delay in govt, circles in Urdu matters. There were only 3 teachers in Kandathpally Urdu HP School, and no one to teach Kannada and English, he added.
Ms. Dayavathi, BEO Mangalore, in her speech called upon parents to encourage their children to have a bright future. The parents should allow students to take part in extra curricular activities and cultural shows also to enable them to develop a fuller personality. She advised parents to be present when their children enacted cultural programmes.
K. Abdul, Azeez, corporators, presided over the programme and asked the children to pick up their mother tongue first, before taking up other languages
Rahamatullah welcomed the audience. Headmaster Mohd, Haneef, and SDMC president Abdul Rehaman, were present on the dais, on this occasion..


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