Various organizations staged protest to support All India Bundh

3:08 PM, Tuesday, September 7th, 2010
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Mangalore : Various organizations, Industries, banks organized the protest in front of DC Office on September 7, Tuesday as part of the all-India strike.

Speaking on the occasion, Sharath Holla of All India Bank Employees Association, said that the recent huge hike in prices of petrol and diesel for creating a price spiral, hence the administered price mechanism for petroleum products should be reintroduced.

B Madhava, convener of JCTU said that, Contract labour ought to be abolished, he said, and at least 3% of the GDP should be devoted to the welfare of workers in the unorganized sector, who constitute about 90% of the working class, he said.

The strikers are protesting the price hike, the violation of labour laws, and disinvestment of public sector undertakings.

Price of essential commodities should be controlled, he said, to help the poorer sections tide over such steep hikes. The government should take the initiative to provide at least 35 kg of rice for the poor and middle class at Rs2 per kg, said.
Chandrahas Ullal of BSNL, Mohammed Rafi, Sunil Kumar Bajal and others participated at the protest.


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