Want to eat onions at cheap prices? Go ahead

2:18 PM, Saturday, January 29th, 2011
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onianMangalore: The prices of onions have collapsed from a record Rs.85 per kg to Rs.25 per kg., with Pakistan onions bringing tears to the eyes of black-marketeers in India. Lorry loads of Pak onions stopped on the border early this year have found a way to Gujarat and Mumbai by sea, instead of road by Wagah border in a volatile Punjab, and the cheap imported onions have brought down the onion price sizably to Rs.50 or even Rs.40 a kg. Besides, new crops of onions are reported to be coming into market from Gujarat, Maharashtra, even Karnataka, further throwing down the prices by tons of onions. They are essential for fried foods, sambar and a variety of dishes in all hotels and homes. A house wife would be in tears if her husband did not bring in the onions daily or a bag every week. Onions, potatoes and tomatoes make up the Indian meal in all its delicacies
onian-dosaWhat with the value of a Rupee itself going down in view of inflation of economy and a fetish for 9% GDP growth in Central government circles, onions have become unaffordable to an Aam Admi Pariwar.
The hoteliers refuse to serve you Onion Dosas, or even a masala Dosa which contains onions. He makes you pay through the nose for a beloved Mysore Masala Dosa, selling at Rs30 each in Bangalore, and Rs.20 in Mangalore city at present.
Onion can be tasty, sweet and attractive in smells when it is fried. It goes well with some chutney, puris, chapathis and parothas, which all Indians eat these days. The special onion oothappa is a delicacy, not found in small hotels these days.
We may have to be friendly with Pakistan and love thy neighbour, for their onions. We give them cotton instead and buy some electric power also.
Meanwhile Tur prices have shot up, one hears, in Gulbarga, cheering the local farmers to sell their Tur crop to a Tur Board set up there. Tur is used in Dhal preparations to go with Iddlis, Dosas and rice (during meals), as in Sambar. One Quintal of Tur can fetch you a sum of Rs 4,600 at Sedum markets in Gulbarga district today. Lastweek it was less than Rs 3,200 a quintal in APMC yards.


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