Website on GPs: “Panchatantra” provides full information on rural areas.

10:22 PM, Tuesday, July 27th, 2010
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Bangalore : The DK dt, has 203 GPs and all information on them are in the website ‘Panchatantra’. The state has 5646 GPs and 5400 of them have ‘Panchatantra’ connection. The Panchayat work styles in Karnataka are coming under public eye and people ask questions. The Gram Sabhas are embarrassed by rural people who demand basic necessities and information about their wants in democracy. Official information cannot be kept secret and it has to be given to anyone who asks under the Right to Information Act. The GP employees are under fear that if they misbehave they will be hauled up before the Lokayukta staff.
The relevant information is available both in Kannada and English. When you ask for information on a district, it is given by a click with a map of all taluks in that district. The Taluk button when pressed gives all GPs information inside that taluk.
Panchatantra is the official website of Karnataka government. It is filled up with most of the district level information, by now. Details about what sort of services are provided in each GP, TP and ZP are within reach of a click. Various welfare schemes are explained therein. Ask any relevant information, you have it on Panchayat personnel, phone nos., GPs assets, individual tax paid, Panchayat balance sheet, tenders called, photos, whom to contact for information / action are shown on the official / personal computers.


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