Who will be a minister

9:23 PM, Monday, September 20th, 2010
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Bangalore : The guess continues and adverse reality on Sept 21 or 22 haunts a dozen ministers in Bangalore.
There are only 3 vacancies and a few state minds in the cabinet have to be dropped if new faces have to be introduced. But Anant Kumar the Brahmin BJP national Secretary, works at cross purposes with state leadership, objecting to this person or that development. He is sick at present, but has to act in crucial moments to protect the party and keep internal differences at bay, when aspirations run high in BJP MLA’s.
CM known his party men well but cannot extent himself in the presence of many stalwarts in the party. Basically choosing a minister is the right of a CM, but he has to be strong minded. He cannot please all. He needs Eashwarappa and Venkaiah as his guides / supporters. In Delhi, he can plead with the High Command, but the HC is glued to Lucknow’s Sept 24 verdict.
He can only fill up 3 vacancies and change the portfolios of a dozen present ministers. One more step is to drop a couple of lawless ministers and make way for gentle real learners in governance. About 5 posts can be created on the whole and filled up ruthlessly. No one will be hurt on this turn.
Only thing is that CM should not return from Delhi with no decisions and again postpone his exercises to next week, following Lucknow Bench verdict on Babri – (Sri Ram) Janambhoomi issue that has lived out its life in Ayodhya.


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