‘Wick’ Musical Band to sing for APD

2:58 PM, Saturday, July 23rd, 2016

Wick’-Musical-BandMangaluru: Students musical band named ‘Wick’ is all set to raise its voice against pollution in association with Ant Pollution Drive (APD) Foundation. The band, who are ever ready to put their weight behind a good cause this time chose APD Foundation to carry out musical activism and raise awareness about air pollution.

The band which is known for playing Jazz and Rock Blues has joined hands with APD and Antony Waste Handling Cell Pvt. Ltd., to popularize waste segregation in the city. The band members are ferocious in their belief that music is an extremely strong driver of social change and recognize the effect it can have on its audience and fans.

When asked about his support of the drive, Dr George Jacob, lead vocalist of the band said: “Pollution and waste management have a huge social dimension. Citizen’s participation is very important for eradicating these problems. Music has the power to attract such an involvement from the public.”

Wick’-Musical-BandAs their contribution to the partnership, the band plays at popular youth hotspots and spreads the message. Funds raised on the occasion are donated to the NGO for utilization towards the caring for the environment. The band had already successfully played for APD at a few events.

Entertainment value aside, great social change has come about across the globe on account of musicians taking a stand. The musicians cite examples of musical activism and several bands working towards various noble causes across the country and making a difference in the society.


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