Workshop on Contagious Diseases at City Corporation

7:17 PM, Friday, September 3rd, 2010
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Mangalore : Mangalore City has large number of mosquitoes in all the potential areas compared to Bangalore, said Dr Ghosh, scientist at National Institute of Malaria Research Centre, Bangalore.

The Mangalore City Corporation organized a workshop on contagious disease and awareness held at MCC Council Hall on September 3, Friday. He also said that, there are three species of mosquitoes and one species in that will survive for lond time even in the dry season without water.

The Health officer must take main role in looking after the cleanliness in the city. Later he also formed the groups, who will work to create awareness in the city.

Dr K N Vijayaprakash, Commissioner of MCC, said that the MCC is trying to take measures to control the menace of contagious diseases like malaria with full dedication. The measures taken will only succeed with the public support and participation to help City Corporation.

He also said that, there is most prestigious college in Mangalore and each college is independent to formulate the most innovative programmes, Hence they must not work just as an assignment.

The College presenting most innovative programme will be awarded by the MCC. This will further able to build good and healthy competition. The students of various medical and nursing colleges must work on the fixed time given. The progress of their work will be evaluated once in a month.
He also urged Dr Ghosh to form an experts committee to under the leadership of the doctors present in the meeting.
Commissioner also alleged that the president of Builders Association and partners and Chairman of Hotel and Restaurant owners association to be present at the next monthly review meeting to be held at MCC.
The MCC has announced for global tender announcement for solid waste management on September 15. Later two zone will be formed in the city.
Speaking after symbolically handing over the guppies fish to the doctors on the occasion, Mayor Rajani Duggana, said that the contagious diseases are increasing as days passes and people must take the treatment with the doctors consultation.
She also said that the public must join hands with the city corporation to control the diseases and keep the city clean in future.
Dr Srinivas Kakkilaya, Dr Suresh Shetty, Ar Arun, Ashok Kumar DK, Health standing committee president Shantha, Deputy Mayor Rajendra Kumar were present on the occasion.


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