World Cup Football not warming up in South Africa yet.

10:27 PM, Monday, June 21st, 2010
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Fifa world cup 2010

Fifa world cup 2010

It is for the first time ever in Fifa history that an African nation has been allowed to organize World Cup Finals (of 32 teams) tournament in half a dozen cities in South Africa, a nation rich in gold and copper, besides cricket. Even the football team, Bafana  Bafana as they call it, of this country is vulnerable to draws and defeats. Yet the finest hope and the best dream of all Africans in more than 20 nations (such as Nigeria and Cameroon) has been that an African team would reach the Final round in July here in 2010. Even Pele, the greatest Brazilian star said so, that Brazil should meet an Africa side in finals of Fifa Cup. What is the last 16 position from the 32 teams that have fought one another in 8 groups? In each Group, one team has to face 3 others to occupy the first and second places. Red and yellow cards have been out in some of these matches already. Injuries to key players are reported often.
Among the African nations, Ghana (Gold Coast) and Ivory coast only have some hopes of entering the last 16, while Nigeria, Cameroon, Algeria and South Africa are facing the exit gates. sooner. Also France, Italy and Spain may go out, if they fail. Almost every team has some black soccer players in it in South America, Europe and Africa, but the challenge is not restricted to them. New Zealand and Japan are gaining ground as teams of promise, besides North Korea so far. Of course after filtering out of the weak 16 teams, changes may take place, in the race, with dark horses coming to the fore in the last 8.
Britain and Germany, France and Portugal are still lagging behind with injury problems and captaincy crisis. The top 2 to 6 players like C.Ronaldo (Portugal), W.Rooney (Britain), L.Messi (Argentina), Eto’o (Cameroon), Elano (Brazil) and Kaka (Brazil) have not impressed any viewer with a hat-trick or a golden goal in the last one week. An Argentinian secured 3 goals in a row. Of course, many of such brilliant players will be seen in quarter finals (the last 3). But ticket buying crowds are getting bored now with draws, and those lone goals. Suspense continues.


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