​Narayana Murthy inaugurates Hebbar Gallery at Manipal University

2:29 PM, Saturday, June 25th, 2016

Manipal-UniversityManipal : The Hebbar Gallery and Art Centre at the Manipal Centre for Philosophy and Humanities, Manipal University was dedicated to the nation by NR Narayana Murthy, founder of Infosys. The inauguration was preceded by discussions featuring many prominent painters and scholars, including SG Vasudev and former Kannada Culture Secretary Vittal Murthy. Many prominent artists, critics, writers, historians participated in the discussions.

The themes included the role of criticism in art, contemporary philosophies of visual arts and impact of public galleries on community. Dr Nikhil Govind, Head of Manipal Center of Philosophy and Humanities, said, “The aim of the Hebbar Gallery and Art Center is to make Manipal and Dakshina Kannada the original home of KK Hebbar. The gallery will have many native art forms, both in the traditional formats, as well as in the modern and more interpretive formats, such as that represented by the creativity of KK Hebbar. We will strive to make the gallery a landmark, a place where both established and emerging artists will come, work and leave behind art that will change the visual landscape in unusual, bold and striking ways.”

This event is the culmination of many months of labour by the KK Hebbar Trust and Manipal University in setting up the Gallery. According to Professor Rajani Prasanna, noted art historian and daughter of KK Hebbar, “Today deliberations have taken Hebbar and his work from within the four walls of the Gallery to the community of artists, critics, curators and academicians. Our journey of taking Hebbar to the community has begun today and the KK Hebbar Trust has been an influential and outstanding educator, patron and supporter of young artists since its inception by KK Hebbar himself in 1991-92.

Dedicating the Hebbar Gallery to the nation, Narayana Murthy said, “It is a great privilege to participate in this event. Dakshina Kannada is honoring itself by honoring one of its most illustrious sons. This gallery and art center will further enrich the cultural tapestry of Dakshina Kannada.”

Though Murthy is well known as the entrepreneur behind India’s leading international position in software, it is less known that he has been equally entrepreneurial in his initiatives in recognizing India’s thought leaders in Science, Economics and Arts, especially through the prestigious Infosys Foundation Prize. He leads India’s capacity building in public health as Chairman of PHFI. He is also engaged in bringing the riches of the Indian intellectual tradition (in Sanskrit and regional languages) to a global audience through translations. The inauguration is a further attestation of the ‘human side’ of India’s proud son.

Pro Chancellor Dr HS Ballal, speaking after the plaque was unveiled, said that the University would continue to support such endeavors.

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