“Safron Terror” – does it exist?

8:15 PM, Saturday, October 2nd, 2010

(from P. Ramesh Rao)

Desk : Only in the mind of Union Home Minister, and not even any Police Inspector in any state including Karnataka is afraid of this so called ochre-coloured (kenunciatory) terror that Palaniappan Chidambaram simply imagines. He should be more concerned about Taliban & Al Qaida terrorism in a Hindu India and Chinese hegemonies against its (China’s) Southern neighbour across Himalayas.
Thousand and one cases of Chinese terrorism have taken place since 1962, when Nehru was alive, after China like a Cheetah ate up the lamb of Buddhist Tibet, and made an “autonomous” province of the cold country, throwing out the living and loving Buddha-the Dalai lama there in 1959.
Now Chidambaran, not a historian but double-talking Tamilians talk of Hindu terrorism forgetting the fact that “saffron” was in Congress movements first, in the Party Flag, and the National Flag, which initiated each other, saffron simply stands for simple, harmless, Tyagicliving, not the kind Congressmen have lived in these 60 years.
Even when the INC (S) party distances itself from his name blame game, he “stands by his remark” saffron terror” all alone, isolated, when no one in Bajarang Dal has so much as dashed against him on Delhi roads in recent years.
What is the kind of terror he sees in RSS and VHP,  that he does not see in “Green Terrorism” of Pakistan in 60 years in Pok, and J&K? What does he know of 1962 Chinese terrorism on Arunachala that later killed J. Nehru? Does he realize that, not Hinduising the Hindustan (India) creates only Muslim barbarism of the “Sunny” type against Shias, and the majority Hindus in India?.
How is he protecting Indians, and his Congressmen, in a Muslim India? But for the low presence of reactionary Hindu militants in Indian politics, India would have gone the Kashmir way and not towards freedom, but barbarism of the Jehad type. Muslim justice is very cruel, like stoning to death a guilty person. VHP or Bajrang Dal has not stooped to those rubbish low levels as yet.

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