1389 Malaria cases in 6 months

4:08 PM, Friday, July 13th, 2018

malariaMangaluru: Every year in the district, the highest number of malaria cases are admitted in Mangaluru itself. This time, of the 1,519 cases identified until the month of June, 1,389 of the cases are from the city itself. Despite the awareness of the health department, malaria cases in the city are increasing by the day which is frightening.

In the district, during the month of June, 473 cases were seen, which is the highest. Of the remaining cases, 287 were in January, 170 in February, 231 in March, 175 in April, and 233 positive cases have been recorded in May. Of the cases, 268 in January, 152 in February, 219 in March, 165 in April. 201 in May, 284 cases in June and in this way a total of 1,389 cases positive for Malaria have been seen in the city. No death has been resulted due to Malaria in the city, informed the staff of the Health Department.

The highest number of Malaria cases recorded is from Hoigebazar, Cantonment, Court, Central Marlet, Bunder, Port, Mannagudda, Derebail, Bengre, Milagres and other areas.

The reasons for getting infected by Malaria is because of stagnant water at building under construction, non-removal of stagnant water from pits in the vicinity of houses, non-provision of space for water to flow and non-usage of mosquito nets. The public needs to give importance in this regard, request s the Department.
Dengue cases are increasing in rural areas. A total of 360 Dengue cases have been seen in the district from January until June.

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