14th Edition Alva’s Pragati -2024 on June 07 & 08, 2024

12:32 AM, Tuesday, June 4th, 2024
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Alvaspragati Mangaluru : Alva’s Pragati which started in 2007 always stood by the objective of bringing in wide variety of job opportunities to candidates and also to showcase the large talent pool especially from rural and unprivileged sections. Over the years, its careful organization, warm hospitality, and high standards of professionalism have established it as a renowned mass placement drive in the nation.

The Alva’s Education Foundation funds the entire event under its CSR initiative, ensuring it is completely free for both participants and hiring companies. This year, responses of hiring companies have been overwhelmingly positive. Over 300 plus companies registered so far and the organizing committee has finalized the participation of 254 key recruiters.

Mangaluru and Udupi are gearing up to become Karnataka’s future technology hubs, featuring scenic coastal beauty, state-of-the-art infrastructure, and a talented labor force. With adequate backing for this endeavor, Alva’s Pragati is playing a substantial role in supplying a vast pool of talented young individuals to these enterprises. In recognition of this effort, the foundation will pay tribute to the heads of six prominent IT companies, which have their company locations in the coastal districts, by honoring them during the inaugural event.

Inaugural Program
The inauguration of 14th edition of Alva’s Pragati 2024 will be held on June 7 at Vidyagiri at 9.30 AM by, MRG Group Managing Director, Prakash Shetty, Mulki- Moodubidire Legislator Umanath Kotian will preside over the program and Alva’s Education Foundation Chairman Dr M Mohan Alva & all the elected representatives of legislative assembly and legislative council of Undivided Dakshina Kannada will be present on the occasion.

GlowTouch Technolgies, President, Vidya Ravichandran, Niveus Solutions, Co-founder And CEO, Suyog Shetty, EG India Pvt. Ltd., CEO and Director, Anand Fernandes, BPM Operations Infosys, Mangalore, Head, Lalith Rai, 99Games/Robosoft founder, Founding President TiE Mangalore, Rohith Bhat, Juego Studios Pvt. Ltd., Vice President- Delivery, Abhijith Shetty, will be felicitated on the occasion.

14th edition – Alva’s Pragati 2024
The two days- 14th edition of Alva’s Pragati features the participation of top recruiters representing major sectors such as IT, ITes, Manufacturing, BFSI, Sales and Retail, Hospitality, Telecommunication, Health, Media, Construction, Education and NGO. These sectors offer a large number of openings for Graduates and Post Graduates in various streams such as Medical and Para-Medical, Engineering, Arts, Commerce & Management, Basic Sciences, Nursing along with ITI, Diploma, Skilled Manpower with PUC & SSLC and other qualifications. Moreover, final semester graduate and postgraduate students, as well as experienced candidates are invited to seize this opportunity. With more than 20,000 job openings spanning various sectors, every participant in this job fair is assured of employment.

Major Highlights of Alva’s Pragati 2024
– 254 companies have registered for this year’s Alva’s Pragati.
-20043+ jobs available at this year’s Alva’s Pragati.
IT Sector:
• Informatica, Amazon, EGDK, TCS, Flipkart, Winman Software and many more are participating.
• Overall 843 requirements with 207 core software engineering Jobs in 20 companies.
• More than 400 jobs for any graduates in companies like Amazon, TCS and so on
• Flipkart is hiring MBA and BE graduates for supply chain program

Manufacturing and Processing Sector:
• 52 companies have given more than 7000 job openings in this sector.
• Ace Designers Ltd, Bosch Automotive Electronics India Pvt. Ltd, Toyota Industries Engine India, Ajax Engineering Private Limited, Buhler India Private Limited, Volvo Trucks (Volvo Group India PVT Ltd) and many more have registered for the event.
• 2500+ vacancies for SSLC and PUC candidates, 1300+ vacancies for ITI Candidates, 1600+ vacancies for Diploma candidates, 240 vacancies for core Mechanical Engineering Graduates, 55 vacancies for Electronics and Electrical branch students and so on.
• Companies like Volvo trucks, SKF lubrications are looking for ITI, Diploma and Mechanical Engineering Female candidates.

BFSI Sector:
• More than 2,300 job openings in the Banking and Finance Sector being offered by 28 companies
• Top Companies includes Factset Systems India Pvt. Ltd., EXL, HDFC Bank, Axis Bank, Kotak Mahindra Bank, Canara HSBC, Mahindra Finance, Bharat Financial and many more.
• Factset Systems India Pvt. Ltd., EXL are providing more than 7Lakh Package per Annum.
• 400+ job openings for post graduate students such as MBA, M.Com, and so on.
• 1400 job requirements for graduates such as B.Com, BBA, BCA, B.Sc and so on
• 400+ jobs for SSLC and PUC candidates.

ITES Sector:
• 4,000 plus job vacancies available in ITES sector.
• Top Companies like Tech Mahindra BPO Limited, Genpact, Firstsource, 24X7.ai, Concentrix, Genisys, Glow Touch Technologies, Sagility Health, Transcosmos India Pvt. Ltd., and many more are participating in Alva’s Pragati.
• Job vacancy for BSW, BHRD, MSW MHRD for HR position.
• 50 plus Core IT jobs like Python developer, Software developer position available for B.E/B.Tech candidates.
• 1000 plus job opening for PUC candidates.

Pharma Sector:
• 7 Pharma companies are participating in Alva’s Pragati 2024.
• Anthem bio, Hetero labs, Himalaya, MSN Labs, Recipharma, and Alembic Pharmaceuticals etc are the companies that have registered under this sector.
• The sector has around 700 job opportunities for BSc, MSc, B.Pharma and M.Pharma graduates.
• 250+ jobs for B.Sc, 150+ for B.Pharma and M.Pharma, 200+ M.Sc Chemistry and 100+ ITIs and Diploma.

Health Sector:
• Hiranandani Hospital Mumbai, Sakra world, Kavery Hospital, Narayana Health, Apollo Homecare and many more are participating.
• 1000+ job requirements from 24 healthcare institutions.
• 600+ nursing positions available, 200+ positions for degree holders such as BHA, MHA, MBA, B.com, and M.com include roles for operations, Finance, Human resource, Quality department, and administrative department.
• 200+ openings for medical professionals, including Doctors, paramedical staff, AT-OT technicians, and pharmacist.

Sales Sector:
• 47 companies are offering more than 3300+ jobs in this sector.
• Codeyoung, Cultfit, Lulu Group, Bluestone Jewellery, Reliance Group and many more.
• Automobile showrooms like Nandi Toyota, Mandovi Motors, Supreme Auto, RNS Motors have also registered for the job drive.
• The sector has 1300+ diploma & ITI, 1200+ degree, 400+ PUC and 200+ post graduate opportunities

Media Sector
• Times group, Samyuktha Karnataka, Vartha Bharti, Hosadigantha are recruiting candidates.
• More than 75 vacancies in reputed media houses and handsome salary up to 4.8LPA.
• Media Houses are recruiting for Editorial, Administration, Advertisement, Circulation(Marketing), Production and other departments
• Ample of opportunity for younger generation in Digital platforms like video maker- editor, Anchor, Content creator, voice over, page designer, graphic designer etc

Construction Sector
• 9 companies have confirmed their participants in this sector
• Companies participating are Expertise, Ultratech Cements, Petrocon Engineers & Consultants, Niketan Consultants, Straecon, Amar Infra and so on.
• 300+ jobs are available in this sector
• There are 50+ Civil Engineering jobs in this sector.
• 250+ jobs for Mechanical engineers, Electrical engineers, Diploma, ITI qualifications and so on.

Hospitality Sector:
• 12 companies have registered in this sector.
• Filli Café Group of Restaurants based out at Dubai, TajSats Air Catering Bangalore, The Tamara Coorg , Emerald Clark Inn Suites Mysore, Wonderla Resort Bangalore, Avathar Group of Hotel Mangalore and so on are participating.
• 295 openings for different profiles. Any Graduates 45 job openings, BHM/BHS graduates 162 openings, 40+ ITI jobs, 20+ SSLC and PUC jobs and so on.

Special Note:
• Please refer to www.alvaspragati.com for complete details of Alva’s Pragati 2024.
• Registration is open for all candidates for both the days of Alva’s Pragati 2024
• Accommodation will be arranged for outstation candidates from 6th June onwards.
• Free bus facility will be provided for ITI & Diploma students

For More Information, Contact:
9008907716 / 9663190590 / 7975223865 / 9741440490
Free Registration for candidates at: http://alvaspragati.com/CandidateRegistrationPage
Note: Compulsory online registration for all the candidates except ITI, PUC, SSLC and below
For registration and details of companies participating/profiles offered at Alva’s Pragati 2024 visit: www.alvaspragati.com







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