17 captives suffer in Oman, in a boat captured by pirates on August 20

4:57 PM, Saturday, November 26th, 2011

Mohammad-NangiKumble: Held captive under ransom by pirates since Aug 20 in Oman(Bunder Salal) in the commercial trade vessel of Mumbai(named Fair Kambogi), and feeling oppressed by pirates, Mohd. Nangi of Mogral near here, has telephoned to his home that he might be killed by his captors if ransom is not paid.

There were 21 employees in the seized ship, who were living on some spare food kept in the ship’s kitchen. But no food is provided for months on end now, Nangi complained on phone, this week. They cannot live for long, only by drinking salty Seawater, he revealed. There were 17 persons held prisoners by pirates, he told.

The captive ship workers have appealed to the Mumbai Company administration, to get them released from this horrible situation of helplessness.

Their families have demonstrated before the Company premises in Mumbai. But these relatives were prevented by city police, as instructed by the company officials, said Nangi’s wife Zehra in Mumbai over phone.

The company has been provided city Police protection, but not the relatives who have to converse only through a representative.

On December 2,  Kerala CM comes to Kasaragod, when Nangi’s relatives would meet him, for relief.

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