2 dead in Lorry load mishap at Adyar at dawn hours

2:34 PM, Wednesday, February 29th, 2012

LorryAccidentMangalore : In the early hours of February.29 (today), a lorry loaden with some timber logs fell into a pool from NH75 at Adyar on the outskirts of this city, many be made to careless driving and a sleepy driver.

The heavy loaded lorry came from B.C, Road towards Mangalore, only to roll over into a ditch around dawn, on Wednesday, by 4AM.

The lorry fell near the check post into water, as if it did not want to be checked, as Murali (driver) lost control of his vehicle. He jumped off to save himself and had minor injuries.

LorryAccidentHowever, the timber loads (as the vehicle fell into water), crushed Murali’s brother Sudhakar (26) and brother –in-law Raj Shekahar (29), who were with him in the vehicle.

They died without help, and bodies were later extricated and taken to Govt. Wenlock Hospital morgue, for further tests.

Lorry Manager one Fahad Mohammed, was duly informed by driver Murali of the tragic developments, and the man rushed to the spot of mishap.

Kankakanady rural police have registered a case, to investigate further.

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