242 houses built by Ma Amruthanandmayee Trust given to (2009) Flood victims: more in pipeline.

9:54 PM, Thursday, August 5th, 2010

Raichur : Out of 1000 houses promised to be built for flood victims in Oct.2009, 242 houses built in a colony and a safer place at D’ Rampura in Raichur district were handed over for possession with keys to the distressed families on Wednesday, by CM Yeddyurappa who described himself as the “son of a farmer” who knew farming problems, and vowed not to be cowed down by any opposition threats of losing his chair so long as the people and gods showered their blessings on him. But he refused to answer his critics. He called for daylight rebellion by people against day light robberies by Congress govts, in the Commonwealth Games preparations of stadium and racing courses in New Delhi / Delhi at present.

He complained that Governor Hans Raj has removed Congress leaders’ names such as N Dharam Singh, Lad and others of 2002-06 period who looted Iron ore wealth, from his report sent to the Central Govt, promising people that he would write to Supreme Court and President to look into the matter.

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