339 applications received at trade licence adalat in Mangaluru

1:00 PM, Wednesday, October 2nd, 2019

trade-licence-adalatMangaluru: Mangaluru City Corporation (MCC) received 339 applications at the trade licence adalat organised with the objective of renewing the trade licence of commercial establishments at the MCC building on Tuesday.

Owing to Lok Sabha elections, there was delay in renewing trade licences and issuing new licences. Many traders had not shown any interest in renewing trade licences.

MCC organised a trade licence adalat for the first time. Separate counters were opened to receive the applications, fill chalan, verify documents, and distribute already renewed licences between 10 am and 1 pm.

Commissioner Ajith Kumar Hegde said, “For both issuing new trade licences and renewal of trade licences, 339 applications were received. An amount of Rs 9.83 lakh fee was collected from the applicants. On Tuesday, a fee of Rs 3.96 lakh was collected. As many as 187 applicants are yet to pay an amount of Rs 5.87 lakh.”

As many as 152 licences (45 renewed and 107 renewal applications) were distributed. Those who had documents collected licence on the spot.

The MCC Commissioner said, “More than 1,000 trade licences are pending for renewal. The adalat will be organised again, after 10 days. The applications received on Tuesday will be verified and the licences will be distributed after 10 days.”

Renowned advocate Vivekananda Paniyala asked why the MCC cannot issue trade licences online. “Secondly why can MCC not share a copy of the rules and regulations to be followed to obtain the trade licence online so that corruption and red-tapism can be eliminated to a great extent?” Paniyala asked.

He also sought to know the MCC’s services to facilitate and promote trade or business activities in Mangaluru.

“If obtaining a trade licence is the duty of traders, then what are the duties of MCC?” he asked.


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