96th Birth day of Indira Gandhi on Nov.19: DKCC holds a memorial meeting

3:03 PM, Tuesday, November 19th, 2013

CongressMangalore: On the 96th Birth day which falls on Nov.19, 2013, of Former Prime Minister Indrira Gandhi, a memorial meeting was held by DKCC leaders in their Hampankatta office, were they offered flowers to Indira’s photograph.

Indira Priyadarshini as she was known in her younger days had fought for the Independence of India, this experience helped her 1970 to defeat Pakistan and separate Bangladesh from the atrocities cities committed by Pak soldiers in Dacca university were hundreds of women had to die as a scarifies to the was of Independence in east Pakistan renamed as Bangladesh.

The DKCC meeting in Mangalore was address by it acting President Ibrahim Kodijaland City MLA Moidin Bava. The two speakers praised the quality of head and heart of Madame Indira Gandhi whom their considered as a mother because of her protection of minority communities. Indira led a brave life like a man in the Congress party and created her own faction, Congress (I) which ruled India for several decades after the death of Nehru and Shastri.

Indira, the congress leader said had developed 20-point plan for the fuller development of the entire country and added 5 more points later on based on experience. It was Indira who gave the slogan of quit poverty while making people conscious of a new India under her rule. Her son Rajiv succeeded her as a Prime Minister She ruled for nearly 15 years, as much as daughter-in-low Sonia Gandhi, as ruled Congress party and UPA president.

Indira remains a model for Indian Women for decades to come in maintaining a large country active with over 1hundred crores of people.

KPCC secretary Ivan D’Souza, Former MLA Vijay Kumar Shetty, Former mayor Shashidar Hegde, Hilda Alva (Social worker), Sev Dal Chief H.J. Ashraf, Former ZP Chief Mamatha Gatty and Kripa Alva and others were present at the memorial meeting.Congress





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