A Black Magician arrested for causing harassment to a minor girl for 6 months at his Ashram

2:58 PM, Thursday, December 19th, 2013
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Manjeshwar: On Wednesday Dec.18 the Kasargod police arrested a black Magician, by name Ramachandra (38) who had an Ashram (retreat) in Uppala, Aila for his crime of harassing a 15 year old minor girl for 6 months on a complaint laughed by unknown sources.

It may be noted that the Victims Father was working as a cook in the Ashram and the girl used to come to the Ashram to see her father and also help him in his work as a cook. Ramachandra on seeing her youth began to harass her mentally for physical enjoyment, which the father of the girl could not prevent as an employee at the Ashram. Continuous harassment for 6 months affected the minor girl and she must have complained to the police at Manjeshwar her home town. The police arrived at the Ashram and took the Black magician away, in their custody.

On hearing this event, a mob of local people attacked the Ashram, broke the chairs and window panes, in the Ashram and vandalized it in their anger to punish the Black magician in their own way.

In a counter-complaint at Uppala Aila, Ramachandra referred to the vandalism of the mob of about 50 persons, who had damaged some of the belongings at his Ashram. The police have registered a case against mob action after the arrest of Ramachandra.


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