A bus passenger assault KSRTC bus conductor at Bellare

5:25 PM, Tuesday, January 4th, 2022

ksrtc-sulliaSullia: A bus passenger assaulted KSRTC bus conductor at Bellare police station limits.

The passenger identified as Purushotham had given Rs 100 for a Rs 10 ticket to Bellare from Ivarnadu. As the conductor Vasantha K R was short of change, he told the passenger that he would return the balance money later.

As the bus reached Bellare, the passenger sought Rs 90 and the conductor alighted from the bus to get change.

However, owing to the delay Purushotham reportedly missed a bus headed for Puttur and got into a verbal argument with the conductor over the same. The fight escalated and Purushotham assaulted the conductor.

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