A close encounter with ‘Rajneeti’ here Ajay Devgun.

9:15 PM, Thursday, August 19th, 2010

Mumbai: He is the brooding type of hero, a serious actor with Kajol Mukherjee and a baby at home. His role in ‘Rajneeti’ a film on rural politics made by director Prakash Jha after he lost an election in Bihar and vowed not to contest again, has been acclaimed and the film is declared a rare hit. Katrina Kaif’s Sonia imitation has not succe3eded, though.
Devagun is making Once upon a time in Mumbai to repeat his success, with Haji Mastan (a smuggler doormat becoming a billionaire in Bombay). Ajay has been directed by Mani Ratnam, a South director who made “Bombay” on blasts of 1993. He hasn’t let down any producer / director with his wits as failure.

Then let us hear him in a relishing talk

Q. How is ‘Rajneethi’ effect upon you?
A. Great feeling, given the large canvas and a weary head, but director Jha pulled it off in great thrill. All praise to him.

Q. Are you his lucky mascot?
A. There may be an intervened lick element, but 99% was hard work and understanding that brought a huge success. We reap results now. Whenever Jha wants me, I’m willing because the role is such, I can’t disappoint Jha-ji. Ours is a teamwork.

Q. You are going be a father again? Then you have several projects on hand too!
A. (laughing) yes, that is an interesting observation to count. But I’ve juggled with many plots. Family life also has to be maintained. When I’m free, I take on Nysa, my first child at home. I believe I am cut out for father hood too, if I’m not on sets for support.

Q. Your new film is on Mafia, so soon after a politician?

A. I am excited about its release now. I’ve earlier played Mafiaman in ‘Company! There is high voltage dialogue and I had to practice hard talk.

Q. which one was more interesting?
A. The two Mafia films are different in context and contently but revolving round the underworld things. I hope to score well in my second innings too.

Q. Malik there (in company) and sultan here, you think there is a sea of difference?
A. Mumbai fell under mafia siege once upon a time, with Haji mastan being dreadful. The situations / songs continue even now, having re-invented themselves. People try to draw some parallels. But Mastan has a good side, he was generous and accommodating unlike others who were crooked. I had spend time reading on Sultan’s character, to understand him such plots need a tight script. Then the actor emotes and creates the character for the screen. Bhagat Singh role was real but Sultan is pure fiction.

Q. The roles came out differently on Dawood Ibrahim of Mafia with you and Emran Hashmi.
A. We played differently and the two directors were also different. But we got on very well, even when I gave tips or received them from the directors as to how we should play the roles.

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