A fisher woman expresses dissatisfaction on fish market model

9:28 PM, Monday, July 26th, 2010

Mangalore : The district administration officials and representatives of the fishermen community expressed their dissatisfaction on the model of new fish market in front of the revenue office at DC Office premises on July 26, Monday.
The model of the new fishing market planned by Dhanraj, who belongs to the Infrastructure Development Foundation, presented a model of the fishing market complex, which will soon be constructed in the city, but the fisher women said that the space located for each fisher women is not sufficient for them.

Mr. Dhanraj said that the entire fish market will be shifted to the Central Market and will occupy an area of 12,000 sq. kms. The new marketing complex will occupy a total of 2 acres of land, but the fisher women said that the they require the block with the width of 8 ft and length of 15 ft.

Half of the ground floor will be meant for the fish market while the other half will be meant for the vegetable market. Half of the upper floor will be meant for meat and fish products while flowers and fruits will be sold in the other half. The first floor will be a supermarket for wholesale items; and the floors on top will be used for offices, he said.

President of Karnataka Fisheries Development Corporation Ramachandra Baikampady was present on the occasion.

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