A novel project to prevent defacing of public walls inaugurated

3:25 PM, Tuesday, February 12th, 2013

A novel project  to prevent defacing of public walls  inauguratedMangalore : Karnataka Bank Managing Director P Jayaram Bhat inaugurated the wall drawings  near the Karnataka Bank, Hampankatta Branch on February 12, Tuesday, along with MCC Commissioner Harish Kumar and the Karnataka Bank General Manager Mahabala Bhat.

This praiseworthy idea of artistically painting public walls  to prevent defacing of public walls, has been taken up by the MCC with the co-operation of Karnataka Bank. The Bank has agreed to sponsor painting of the compound walls of ASRP govt women’s hostel at PVS Circle, a portion of the compound wall of Wenlock, totaling 858 square feet area.

Artists Harish Marne and Harish Kodialbail of STS-Core Decore are working on the wall paintings under the guidance of Dinesh Holla. There will be simple line drawings as well as  paintings based on the famous Warli art of Maharashtra.

Speaking on the occasion, Jayaram Bhat the wall drawings help in beautifying the walls and encouraging artists.

MCC Commissioner Harish Kumar also spoke on the occasion.

In his address, Jayaram Bhat said the wall drawings on public walls, would serve two purposes as they not only beautify the walls, but also help in promoting art. He also sought public co-operation to this endeavour.
MCC Commissioner Harish Kumar who also spoke, thanked Karnataka bank for its co-operation.


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