A Review of “2011” films made in state

3:48 PM, Friday, December 30th, 2011

oriyardori Asal Bangalore: Taking a look at the Kannada Cinema production world during 2011, we can say that as many as 130 films had been released. It is a big jump from 50 or 60 in Yester years.

There were 24 re-make (not dubbed) films, with local casting. Some others were undeclared ‘remixed’ films.

There were 2 children’s films, 2 in Tulu, one in Kodava, one (Uzwadu) in Konkani (GSB), and 2 dubbed films all made in Karnataka, during 2011.

4 Kannada pictures completed 100 days of show. 6 other Kannada films finished 50 days’ run 7 films realized the cost incurred on them, but no profits made on them.

It was the exceptional and lucky Tulu film, “Oriyardori Asal’ from writer Vijaikumar Kodialbail, that turned out a real box office hit, for any picture made in Karnataka in 2011.

It is still running in many theatres, in and outside, the state, even abroad. It was shown in Bangalore and Mumbai, even Dubai. The producer (VKK) earned lakhs of rupees from Tulu people on his film.

But the other films in Kannada running for 100 days did not make such profits in lakhs of rupees.

JarasandaThere are those films that raised hopes and cheated public tastes. Pictures like ‘cool’, ‘Jogaiah’, ‘Paramatma’, ‘Jarasandha’, ‘vishnuvardhana’ belong to this special category of frauds.

Those who exhibited them, had burnt their pockets, or get pick-pocketed by makers. Even ‘Olave Mandara’ failed to bring money, they say.

Total investments in Kannada film industry in 2011, were of the order of Rs. 300 crores. About Rs. 120 crore came from TV rights to producers. Only 15% cheated viewers and producers alike, to bite the dust.

“Sarathi” with the controversial Darshan T, as its hero when he was in Jail, and made at a production cost of Rs. 7 crores, has earned Rs. 12 crores from the public in theatre shows so far.

Darshan has been saved from bad name by this hit picture, and producers had invested Rs. 70 crores on him, in other pictures due to hit screen in 2012.

A real Kannada film, like “Hemareddy Mallamma: (Gubbi Veeranna), or any of Puttanna Kanagal films like Gejje Pooje, remains unheard of in 2011.

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