A ‘special’ Karate Black Belt holder

12:14 PM, Monday, May 21st, 2012

Karate-blockbeltPuttur: Disability can never be a deterrent factor provided one has the will-power and determination to achieve something in life.  Fifteen year old Nikshith, a lad hailing from Puttur, is a black belt holder in Karate.

Though one may brush aside this news saying this is nothing uncommon, this case is really very much special, because Nikshith is not a normal lad, but a differently abled boy who can neither speak nor hear.

A ninth standard student at the Mangaljyothi Integrated School at Vamanjoor, Nikshith evinced great interest in watching karate as well as boxing scenes on TV from a very young age. Noticing his interest in the art Chandrashekhar, his father, who is now no more, took him to Suresh, Karate instructor who runs the Institute of Karate and Allied Arts at Puttur, when Nikshith was just nine.

Under the able coaching of Suresh, Nikshith soon picked up and became a good Karatekar and passed various tests and has now earned a black belt in karate with distinction, making his coach as well as his mother Ratna extremely proud of Nikshith. Nikshith has also bagged several awards in state and national level Karate events.

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