Actresses caught in prostitution

7:18 PM, Saturday, September 6th, 2014

SwethabasuNew Delhi: The high profile arrest of the national award winning actress Shweta Basu Prasad, 23, from a hotel in Banjara Hills in Hyderabad, caught in a compromising position with a businessman from Mumbai, has set off a fierce debate in India after the actress released a statement that she turned to prostitution of her own volition to help support her family and due to other financial constraints.

This is not the first time when Bollywood actresses are involved in such activities. In past too many heroines from different parts of cinema was caught in such activities.

In the world of glamour and stardom to keep themselves in the race these actresses are forced to use this darker path.

Scandals involving the actresses are not uncommon in film industry. Time again there is report that some actresses run some kind of brothel and get involved in illicit sex trade.Here are some actresses who were involved in such activities.

Shweta prasad
Shweta Basu-Shweta Basu Prasad, the cute girl who won national award for her performance in 2002 film ‘Makdee’ was recently arrested for being involved in a prostitution racket.

SherlinSherlyn chopra
Sherlyn Chopra-Whether with the intent to create sensation, or just an impuslive confession, Bollywood’s bad girl Sherlyn Chopra admitted through Twitter two years ago that she has been involved in sex for money, but it has always been a compulsion and never a happy choice for her.

Aaish ansariAaish ansari
Aish Ansari-Tamil actress and item girl Aish Ansari was arrested from Jodhpur for being involved in flesh trade in 2011.

Sources claim to have learnt that she offered her services across the country to customers in all major cities.

Several wigs of different colours, used as a disguise apparently to hoodwink police were also recovered from her.

Bhuvaneswari-This South Indian B grade actress has been arrested more than once for running a prostitution racket in Chennai.
She was reportedly running a brothel and caught red handed entertaining her customers.

This was not the first time this actress has been caught. Some years ago she was caught on same charges but it is said that due to political pressure she was given clean chit and was released.

According reports the actress charged obscene amount of money for their services ranging from 2 lakh to 7 lakh per hour.

Kinnera- Kinnera who worked as lead actress in a couple of Telugu films, apparently joined the trade as a sex broker as was revealed in a news channel’s sting operation.

The actress who acted as heroine in few Telugu films and played character roles in several Telugu films and she is also a popular TV artist, acted in several popular series.

Saira BanuSaira Banu

Saira Banu, who worked in several South Indian films, was also caught during a police raid in Hyderabad in 2010. Task Force sleuths caught red-handed Telugu film actresses Saira Bhanu and Jyoti, along with 7 other women, on charges of prostitution.

According to highly-placed sources, the arrests took place after an early morning raid at an apartment, in the posh Kundan Bagh locality.

Sources claim that the actresses Saira Bhanu and Jyoti, along with the 7 other women, apart from some customers, were present inside the apartment, at the time of the raid.

Yamuna-It is hard to believe, but Yamuna who worked in several Kannada films was arrested by the Bangalore police for her alleged involvement in a prostitution racket in 2011.

The actress used to never meet any of her client’s for the second time. She used to meet all her clients once in her lifetime.

The idea behind the whole business was that, Yamuna wanted to shield herself with the word ‘consensual sex’ if in case, she was caught. The Bangalore police busted a flesh trade from ITC Royal Gardenia hotel in Bangalore.

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