Administrative system completely collapsed in Karnataka : Ramanath Rai

12:27 AM, Tuesday, December 7th, 2021

Ramanatha RaiMangaluru: BJP has failed in governing the state. They are criticizing the police only because they are helpless and the administrative system has completely collapsed, Former minister Ramanath Rai on Monday.

Speaking to the reporters, Rai said, “BJP is spreading hate in the state. Recently, home minister Araga Jnanendra addressed police as dogs. If Congress would say something like this, it would have been termed as abuse. Jnanendra has insulted the police department and is unfit to continue in his post.”

BJP is indulging in corruption. This can be clearly seen in the transfer of senior police officers and DCs of the state. PWD contractors are claiming that BJP MLAs are asking for a 40% commission for every project. Also, Rs 3.5 crore grants were given to two schools through cheques and now there is a demand to send it back to the government. Only the employment guarantee scheme of Congress is implemented at the Panchayat level.

He further said,” he will retire from politics if Congress workers are involved in Hindus’ murder in Dakshina Kannada, murders in the district take place only due to the hate towards religion and if a single FIR has been filed against Congress workers in relation to these murders, he will retire.

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