Adyar panchayat PDO illegally enters a house and taken photos of elderly man

11:09 AM, Wednesday, July 21st, 2021

Adyar-Grama-PanchayathMangaluru: Adyar panchayat PDO Krishna Nayak and one more person entered the residential premises of 80 years old, John Saldanha an agriculturist, unauthorised and illegally had taken photos and videos of him, his land and surrounding of his residential building at Merlapadavu, Arkula grama in Farangipet post at Mangaluru Taluk according to a police complaint filed by John Saldanha yesterday to Vamanjoor Rural Police station.

John Saldanha has alleged in his complaint that around 2 pm on Tuesday the 20th July 2021, Krishna Nayak PDO of Adyar Panchayat, had come to his residence along with another person, on the guise of giving notice to John Saldanha, and his son Noel Michal Saldanha with regard to an on going re-enquiry on a complaint of John Saldanha himself, about PDO of Adyar Panchayat having issued 9 & 11A fraudulently with out his knowledge. After obtaining signature from John Saldanha, even for the notice of Noel Michal Saldanha, Panchayat Development officer, had instructed another person, who had a gadget in one hand and a mobile in another hand, to take photos of John Saldanha, along which his land at the back and also took photos of his residential building and its surroundings and his premises and video of the same. John Saldanha in his complaint had, further stated, that, when he questioned PDO Krishna Nayak, how unauthorisedly and illegally he has entered, his residential premises and without his permission, taken photos and videos, who fled the scene after committing the illegal act.

John Saldanha said he nor his wife have a telephone or mobile with them to inform his eldest son who had gone to work in the paddy field. After Noel Michal Saldanha his eldest son had come at around 4 pm, John Saldanha had informed of the illegal act of PDO Krishna Nayak and another person who had come to his residential premises, to his advocate.

John Saldanha had complained to Chief Executive Officer of Dakshina Kannada Zilla Panchayat in 2019 that for 10 Cents in Survey no. 23/51 and 25 Cents in Sy no.23/50 at Merlapaddavu in Arkula Grama in Farangipet, 9 & 11A was issued fraudulently to a fraudster who had obtained order and Property card by fraud, foregery and illegalties, in collusion PDO Adyar Panchayat, without John Saldanha’s knowledge. Inspite of CEO;s direction in 2019 to hand over entire case file for enquiry to Exectuive officer, Mangaluru. PDO Krishna Nayak failed to hand over the file said John Saldanha. Commissioner of RDPR ( Panchayat Raj ) on a complaint by John Saldanha in April 2021 had ordered enquiry, by a committee formed by CEO, DKZP under Deputy Secretary, Ananda Kumar, who within no time, had submitted a report on 25.5.2021 and had stated, that there is no necessity for criminal action since no crime was committed.

PUCL DK had submitted their finding on the most biased report of Ananda Kumar, and Commissioner RDPR (Panchayat Raj) had ordered immediate re-enquiry to be conducted in accordance with law. PDO Krishna Nayak too had deposed on 22.6.2021 and his submission before the enquiry officer was not recorded as submitted by PDO and was found distorted to suit one needs. It was also pointed, to the enquiry officer, Ananda Kumar, Deputy Secretary DKZP, that notices were sent to wrong names, with wrong address and asked him to send notice by Whatsapp, which Supreme court itself had permitted to do so. In spite of which, PDO Krishna Nayak, who had chosen to come with a notice having a wrong door number and had managed, to serve on John Saldanha and obtain his signature, even for the notice of his Noel Michal Saldanha, knowing that John Saldanha is an illiterate.

After John Saldanha who is an illiterate, had approached Peoples Union for Civil liberties, DK, Mangaluru for help, John Saldanha filed complaint to Vamanjoor Rural police station before 8.20PM on 20.7.2021 by email and the SHO and Inspector were informed, on land line and mobile, who promised action according to John Sadanha. When enquired with SHO at the Vamanjoor Police station, he did not state, whether a case was registered

In a proceeding held in the re-enquiry on 22.6.2021, in Dakshina Kannada Zilla Panchayat, before enquiry officer Deputy Sscretary, Ananda kumar, the same Krishna Nayak had man handled R.Eswarraj, President of People Union for Civil Liberties, DK, Mangaluru in the presence of Ananda Kumar and Executive officer. R.Eswarraj President PUCL DK had filed a complaint with URWA police station on the same day against PDO Krishna Nayak and the police hestitate to register a case against government official and have issued an Himbara was accepted under protest in writing by Eswarraj and has brought it to the knowledge of Commissioner of Police and Deputy Commissioner L&O, and DCP had promised to take action.

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