Air Crash Families express sorrow against AI

11:50 AM, Sunday, May 22nd, 2011

Air Crash Families express sorrow against AIMangalore: Expressing the grief on the occasion, one of the victim’s family Veena Somashekar from Teertha Halli, said that the Air India has not given any compensation for the death of her husband Somashekar Kotian. She also said that, the Air India has not agreed to give the amount of compensation which he deserved and when asked the authorities they were not ready for the negotiation and asked to do what I can and will not compensate it.
Air Crash Families express sorrow against AISurvivor of the air crash Pradeep Kotian who had come for his brothers marriage, said that it has been a year after the incident and he has not given the job as assured by the Air India. After the incident, the hand is still not recovered. He said that he was working as the technician in Dubai and now he has not given job here too and lost in Dubai also. He has got the compensation of Rs 2 and half lakh from Central Government and Air India. Further no treatment is given he added.
Victim Rafeeq Ahmed’s wife Shaheena, residing in Highland building, Mangalore said that she has not fought against the Air India compensation but took what was given since, I had the responsibility to provide education and shelter to my three children.
Expressing the sorrow of losing his sister, Mumtaz (28), Abbun said that his sister Mumtaz was coming to Mangalore with her three children Mushina, Ibazina and Aifa Shah. Even though it has completed one year, the Air India has not even called the family once for the meeting. When the luggage’s were discovered they gave Rs 900 and two children dress for the family stating to be theirs, since it did not belong to them, it was not taken from the, he added.
When the Air India called to give the compensation for the families, the authorities used to auction for the dead victims from Rs 5 lakhs to Rs 22 lakhs and said more cannot be given. When some of the families spoke in English the compensation rate increases directly to Rs 30 lakhs. The AI has received around Rs 300 crore but it has only given away Rs 3 crore to the victim’s family.
He also said that, if a minister’s son would die in the air crash, then the rules would have been changed. Mumtaz and her children have worn the jewellery worth Rs 10 lakhs while coming, but nothing has been recovered yet. Air India has cheated the victims. Now we are not fighting for the money, but do not want our money to reach their hands and take two more flights. The compensation Rs 2 lakhs each from Central and state government has been received. If HT Nanavati dies, the air crash victims’ family will collect Rs 1 crore and give it to hm, he criticized.
Now we have started a campaign among the friends that no one must board Air India flights.

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