“Alive Bagilu Boat” tragedy: identification proves difficult, hinges on DNA

1:10 PM, Monday, September 19th, 2011

Abdul-RehmanMangalore: In the “Alive Bagilu Boat” case, where 6 fishermen went missing near the Estuary last weak when their machanised boat hit a sunken ship, three bodies have been recovered at sea in Kasaragod and local coast.
The identification process has been made difficult, as finger-printing and diagnosis was needed on the 3 dead bodies. One body had been found in deep sea on Saturday (Sept.17) and identified as Abdul Rehman by his brother-in-law from Kateel.
But Narayana Gowda (22) could not be identified by his uncle who found it like a “piece of meat,” since the body had lost its skin. Gowda’s uncle doubted whether it was one of the 6 fishermen missing at all.
DNA identification of a dead body had been done in the Bajpe air-crash for certain victims in 2010, and this process could be applied here, according to District DC, Dr.Channappa Gowda.

However, Sumanth K. Singh, CPC, opted for identification by family members first and if they failed, DNA could be brought in for tests, as in the case of Narayana Gowda.

Fishermen hardly wear rings or tattoos, even watches on the body, so the identification got delayed, police found. Three more bodies have to be recovered, with 2 others to be identified in city now.

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