Alupa dynasty’s stone edict found in a farmland at Brahmavar

6:20 PM, Tuesday, January 25th, 2022

Alupa dynastyBrahmavar : An unpublished stone edict belonging to the times of Alupa dynasty’s First Kulashekhara, has been found in the farmland of Sanjeeva Shetty from Bannady village within Vaddarse gram panchayat in the taluk.

The edict was unearthed by B Kusha Acharya, The contents of the edict were deciphered by Shrutesh Acharya, a research scholar in history and archeology.

The inscription on the edict has been carved out in granite stone. It is in Kannada script and belongs to the 12th century. The entire inscription is written in 18 lines. It is about five feet in height and two feet in width. Atop the edict, Shivalinga with sketches of two men in saluting posture on both the sides along with two cows can be seen.

Most lines of the edict have been damaged and based on a few lines that are readable, this edict can be assumed to be belonging to the period of the First Kulashekhara, an Alupa king. The timeline in the edict has been mentioned as Shaka year 1112, Sadharana Samvatsara, Jyesta month 11, Thursday. This matches with the year 1190 AD. The edict mentions that when King Kulashekhara was residing in his palace in Mangaluru (Mangalapura), this land had been donated to Basappa from Banahady (Bannady) for the purpose of daily Naivedya of the Lord.

It is thought that Banahady could have been the name of Bannady in the past. During the visit to the site, Praveen Acharya Saligrama, Kishan Kumar Moodubelle and locals extended help.

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