Alva’s outshines in PU results; 190 students score 600, Stands No 1 in state Second PU results

7:50 PM, Wednesday, July 21st, 2021

Alvas MoodabidreMoodubidire: As many as 190 students from Alva’s PU College, Moodubidire have scored a perfect 600 marks in second year PU examinations whose results were declared on Monday. Among them, 13 students studied in Alva’s Kannada Medium School.

Among the appeared 2510 students, a total of 1637 students cleared the exams with distinction. As many as 3016 students from science, commerce, and arts streams have scored 100 out of 100 in various subjects. 542 and 514 students have scored 100 marks in Mathematics and English respectively, while 403 students in Biology, 401 students in Physics, 308 students in Chemistry, and 46 students in Accountancy scored a perfect century.

Score-wise Breakup
A total of 40 students scored 599, 36 students 598, 28 students 597, 35 students 596, 29 students 595, 29 students 594, 25 students 593, 30 students 592, 23 students 591 and 20 students scored 590 marks in the examinations.

Dr M Mohan Alva, Chairman of Alva’s Education Foundation applauded students for their record-breaking achievement.

Prof Mohammad Sadakath, Alva’s PU college principal, Dr Venkatesh Nayak, Head of Biology Department, Chandrashekhar Raje Urs, Head of Chemistry Department, Jhansi P N, Head of Mathematics department, Venugopal Shetty, Dean of Arts, Prashanth M D, Dean of Commerce, Vidya, coordinator were present in the press meet.

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