An Autorickshaw Driver on a rare mission

4:11 PM, Wednesday, July 4th, 2012

Ganesh PoojaryBantwal: If we have heard of orange seller Harekala Hajabba going out of his way and putting in great efforts to start a primary and a high school in his village in the better interest of the children of the rural area, in Bantwal, we have an autorickshaw driver who has been striving ceaselessly in improving the conditions of a government school and seeing to it that the school did not close down for want of students.

Ganesh PoojaryGanesh Poojari, an autorickshaw driver who was deeply hurt to know that his alma mater Ananthadi Government Higher Primary School was facing closure for lack of students, decided to do his little bit.

He took the school authorities including the SDMC Chairman into confidence, initiated steps to provide uniform materials and facilities at par with English medium schools. Thanks to his effort the school now has fifteen students in first standard instead of three.

The school also has an English teacher, students are given colourful bags, shoes and ID cards free of cost.


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