An SSLC student scores 97 in English, result shows it as 59..!

1:35 PM, Thursday, May 24th, 2018

mangaluruMangaluru: An SSLC student was shocked when he found that his results result showed that he had scored just 59 marks in English subject, although he had done well in this examination. Further verification revealed that the marks shown in the result sheet were 38 short of what he had scored.

A student of St Aloysius high school, Kodialbail, Alistair Kevin Bangera has scored a total of 470 marks in SSLC. As per the marks list received along with the result, his marks in English were mentioned as 59. Feeling disappointed, he held discussions with his teachers and decided to apply for a xerox copy of his answer sheet in this subject.

On Wednesday May 23rd, he received the photocopy of his answer sheet and to his relief, Alistair found out that he had secured 97 marks in English, not 59!

It is said that in case of answer sheets were marks scored are above 90, they are scrutinized again. Extreme care needs to be taken when mentioning marks obtained by students in their result sheets.Yet, such errors occur. Correction mistakes can make or mar a student’s future, as a few marks here and there can influence the career choice of the students concerned.

Alistair found out about the blunder as he decided to get xerox copy of the answer sheet.But, there may be students who do not take the initiative to get the marks they got scrutinized even after growing suspicion about the less marks and hence permanently lose the chance of choose a career of their choice.

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