Anna Hazare supporter shot dead in Bhopal

6:12 PM, Tuesday, August 16th, 2011

Anna AzareBhopal: The social activist, Shaila Masood, was shot dead in broad daylight on Tuesday around 11am. The social activist was on her way to lead the protest campaign to support Anna Hazare in the movement against corruption. The movement was to be attended by over 280 organisations to support the Anna Hazare’s cause. The police have registered a case of murder and have undertaken an investigation.

Shaila Masood, on Tuesday, was shot dead near Koh-e-fiza area after she left home in her vehicle. The social activist who is also the president of Uday, a non-profit organisation, had stated that their association will go to Delhi to support Anna Hazare in the fight against corruption. She was an intensive RTI activist of Bhopal and was also an active participant of the India Against Corruption movement.

Before leaving her home on Tuesday, she had updated her Facebook account urging people to support Anna Hazare in the movement against corruption by participating in the protest organised by their association. The social activist was also in news in the past for her campaign against corrupt officials of the Tourism department.

The police officials have revealed that the attackers have not been identified yet, however, an investigation in the matter has been ordered.


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