Annasaheb Hazare joins Baba Ramadev in open people’s rebellion

8:13 PM, Thursday, June 2nd, 2011

Annasaheb HazareNew Delhi: The Central Govt., has duped the Civilian fighters for ‘citizens’ rights, in regard to Jan Lokpal Bill, that is the new accusation of Dr. Annasaheb Hazare who also charged the Union Govt. of not bringing back the enormous black money of Indian accountholders in Swiss and other foreign banks, there by increasing the presence of corruption in all walks of life. Hazare extended his unequivocal support to Baba Ramdev, in his fight against corruption and put the UPA govt., in a dilemma of dangerous kind.
The Central Govt. ministers were trying to feud with the 5 civilians in the Lokpal bill drafting committee after 3 or full meetings, is the general public opinion created now. At this critical juncture, Hazare’s total support to Ramdev by saying black money and corruption are two sides of the same coin, has put the Indian Govt in a fix, to resolve which the Union Cabinet is meeting on June 2, Thursday, to asses the problem.
Anna Saheb has expressed his serious doubts against the ruling UPA that it was moving away from its commitment made earlier to exterminate corruption in large  measures all over India, expressed in the form of black money, deposits abroad that went against patriotic feelings and all the commitments towards a transparent administration made by PM from time to time. A disillusioned Hazare declared in Delhi today that he would join Baba Ramdev on June 5 to fight against national corruption. He is adamant and convinced about the fraud played on him by the Central govt, which has merely agreed to look into the demands made by him and friends thereby forcing him into the arms of Ramdev, he said on Thursday.
He told pressmen firmly that he would not trust the Congress ministers for their talks without deeds following them, and the govt would be taught a lesson not to behave again as it did when he went on strike.
The UPA govt is now facing tremendous pressure, caught between two edges of Hazare and Ramdev working together in a people’s revolution.

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