Ashes will be immersed if not collected within a fortnight : Revenue Minister R Ashoka

7:31 PM, Saturday, May 22nd, 2021

R Ashoka Bengaluru : If families refuse to take the ashes in a fortnight, then the Government will immerse the ashes as per the religious rituals. Speaking to the media on Saturday.

Revenue Minister R Ashoka said the ashes of 1,000 Covid bodies are waiting to be immersed. “Currently many are not coming forward to take back the ashes of Covid bodies from the crematorium for immersion. We are trying to reach the families but the phone numbers of the relatives are not reachable. We are requesting them to collect the ashes but not many are coming forward due to various difficulties. Earlier, the relatives would collect ashes in a day or two after the cremation.

We will wait for 15 days to give back the ashes and if they fail to turn up, then the government will make arrangements for immersing the ashes as per rituals” R Ashoka said.

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