At an auspicious venue, Muhurtha was held for ‘Pavithra’ a Tulu film

6:03 PM, Monday, August 3rd, 2015

Pavithra Tulu Movie Mangalore: Second film, under the Banner of Indira Movies, is all set to produce, Pavithra a Tulu Film for which the Muhurtha was held at an auspicious and famous venue, Koti Chennai Temple at Nagori Garodi this morning.

Prakash Pandeshwara, of  Jayakirana films, was the first to start the camera. DK District Working Journalists’ Association president Jagannath Shetty Bala, Praveen Konchady of. Muthu Films, Writer, Madhu Mangalore, Tulu theater artiste, Aravind Bolar, Bhojaraj Vamanjoor, Naveen D Padil, Raghu Pandeshwara, kannda film famous,Tennis Krishna, and Mohan Rai, were present.

Pavithra Tulu Movie Tamil and Telugu film and Renowned director Naga Venkatesh is directing this Tulu film, for the first time. The story is written by Anant Ram Rao Yermal, who is also the producer of this film, while the dialogue was penned by co-director Ranjith Suvarna kuluru. Executive producer is Chidambaram, Cameraman is J.J. Krishna, and, lyrics by Ranjit’s Suvarna kuluru and Praveen Thokkotu

Artists Shravant (hero), Chirasri (heroine) bojaraj vamanjoor, Arvind Bolar, Naveen D Padil, Kannada film, Tennis Krishna, Raghu Pandeshwara, Umesh mijar, Shobha Rai and many other famous artists from Tulu and Kannada film are acting this film.

Fighting sequences by Stuntman Siddaraju, and Choreograhy is by Ashokraj

Music director Rishal Shahi, has scored 5 melodious songs in the film. The film gets completed, after 25days of continuous, shooting, at natural and scenic locations in and around,Malpe and Mangalore.

Pavithra Tulu Movie


Pavithra Tulu Movie


Pavithra Tulu Movie


Pavithra Tulu Movie

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