Auto-rickshaw driver returns lost money

6:24 PM, Monday, May 7th, 2018

autorikshawMangaluru: It was possible for an individual to reacquire his lost 50,000 rupees due to the efforts of Kankanady City Police and the honesty of an auto-rickshaw driver.

Prashant Kumar (30) of Uppala in Kasaragod was the individual who lost and reacquired the money while Abdul Laya was the honest auto-rickshaw driver who returned it.

On Sunday morning around 9:30am, Prashant Kumar had stopped his bike near Pumpwell. As he was removing his mobile from his trouser pocket, the 50,000 rupees cash bunel accidentally fell to the ground unbeknownst to him. He carried on with his journey to but goods at Bunder area and after reaching his destination realized that the money was missing.

He presumed that the money might have fallen at Pumpwell where he had stopped his motorcycle. So he returned back to the location and searched, failing to find the amount. He then registered a complaint with Kankanady Police Station.

In the afternoon, an auto-rickshaw driver called Kankanady police station and informed that an auto-rickshaw driver, who was his acquaintance had found 50,000 rupees cash fallen on the ground. The police asked both the auto-rickshaw drivers to come to the police station and after investigation it was ascertained that the cash was found fallen near Pumpwell.

Later, the police informed Prashant to come to the police station. The auto-rickshaw driver Abdul Laya, who found the 50,000 rupees cash handed it over to Prashant. The auto-rickshaw driver was honoured with a good reward.

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