Ayodya Rama Mandir Issue.

6:27 PM, Wednesday, September 15th, 2010

New Delhi: Everybody in India is anxious to know what verdict the Allahabad (UP) High Court Bench of 3 judges in a select panel will give on Sept. 24, as one of them retires from service on Sept.30, thus ending the panel’s period forever.
RSS has promised to react within the constitutional and legal parameters. But Mohan Bhagwat, RSS chief, has also declared that there is no need to discuss the Kashmir issue with Separatists, as Kashmir completely belongs to India. RSS has bowed to law and order on Tuesday while taking stock of Ayodhya and Kashmir matters on hand. A temple will be constructed on the land (in Ayodhya) where Sri Rama is believed to have been born in Treta Yuga, Bhagwat has stated. All the same, whatever reaction (for or against) will be shown on receiving the verdict of the Allahabad HC constituted to solve the issue. Higher appeal could be made to Supreme Court if the Sept. 24 verdict goes against Hindu majority, RSS has indicated.
BJP on its own has told on Tuesday (Sept.14), 10days before the crucial verdict, that there is no change in its stand on Ram Mandir Construction, says Shah Nawaz Hussain, BJP Vice-president, under adverse circumstances after the Allahabad HC verdict is made known. Protests if any will be peaceful and according to law, he added.

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