Ayushman Bharat- DK first in implementation of Health Karnataka

10:34 AM, Wednesday, August 28th, 2019

Ayushman-Bharat--ArogyaMangaluru : Dakshina Kannada district is on the top position for the implementation of Ayushman Bharat- Arogya Karnataka in the state.

Since Aug 30 of 2018 to June 30th of 2019, 5,808 patients in the district have received treatments worth a total of Rs 20.37 crore. The bill concerning the treatments worth Rs 12.42 crore provided to 3,459 patients is presently under scrutiny phase.

2,126 patients have received treatments at the 7 government hospitals in the district, Rs 2.37 crore has been provided from the Suvarna Arogya Suraksha Trust. The profit availed under this project from private hospitals is even more. In a span of 8 months, 3.682 patients have received treatment worth Rs 17.99 crore from 18 private hospitals. The bill amounting to Rs 10.69 crore for the treatment of 2,072 patients is in the inspection phase.

Of te government hospitals, Wenlock hospital has treated the highest number of patients numbering 1,221 at the cost of Rs 1.89 crore, which is the highest in the state, informed District Health and Family Welfare officer, Dr | Ramakrishan Rao.

3,988 operation in 4 months’ worth Rs 10.98 crore

There is scope for various operations through the scheme and up till April 2019, 3,988 surgeries have been conducted at a total cost of Rs 10.98 crore.

1,186 surgeries at hospitals in Mangaluru taluk, 1,602 in Bantwal, 677 in Puttur, 666 in Belthangady and 397 at various hospitals in Sullia have been conducted.

BPL card holders and the beneficiaries of National Health Insurance are eligible for free treatments of Up to Rs 5 lakh for a year. Those with APL of without BPL card will be provided with 30% discount for the treatment, with a yearly limit of up to s 1.50 lakh. As per the stats regarding the number of patients who have availed the benefits of surgery under the scheme through BPL cards is the highest in DK district. 30 private hospitals in the district have signed up with Arogya Karnataka scheme.

People are confused regarding the benefits of the scheme. Those wishing to go to a private hospital, must first visit the government hospital and procure a referral letter and then go to the private hospital.

For complaints regarding information call 1800-4258330 and give the complaint directly.

There is no tie-up for all types of treatments at all the concerned hospitals. Therefore, one needs to ascertain which hospital provides what treatments under the scheme. Hence, all hospitals have “Arogya Mitra” counter at their premises for this concern.

Although treatments of up to Rs 5 lakh may be availed, it cannot be availed for only one person or as a group. If admitted in an ICU, the payment will be in phases.

Now the people have knowledge regarding the government hospitals and have faith in them. They know that good service is provided at government hospitals. Hence, the number of patients at the government hospitals is increasing – K Jagannath, Ayushman Arogya Karnataka

DK district s renowned for health services and Wenlock district hospital too provides good facilities. Hence, more patients are coming to the hospital. More private hospitals are signing up contract under this scheme. All these points have been helpful in getting the first place for the district in the implementation of the scheme – Dr| Ramakrishna Rao, District Health and Family Welfare Officer.


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