B.J. Poojary attacks Modi for his remarks against Sonia in public speeches in state

5:11 PM, Monday, November 18th, 2013

Janardhan-poojaryMangalore : The senior Congress leader of DK, B. Janardhana Poojary in a talk at the District Congress office on Nov.18, refer to Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi visit to Bangalore on Nov.17, as prelude to a camping of publicity all over Karnataka and cruised him for being antagonistic towards Sonia Gandhi, AICC chief during his public address in Bangalore.

Poojary was obviously unhappy with Modi’s personal attacks against Sonia. Poojary enquired about the marital status of Modi in private and asked what was the truth in his bachelorhood.

Poojary thought that Modi was unfit to rule India, with his hatred towards common people and encouragement of rich persons and industrialists like Tata in his own state.

He pointed out that Modi had paid 25,000 US dollars to a foreign company to run his election campaign all over the country.

Poojary remainded BJP leaders of their failure even ti construct the steps of a Ram Mandir in UP while bragging about a hole temple when they were ruling in UP, nothing is happen since 1992, he stated.

He said Modi is bound to lose his own election, while dreaming about becoming the next prime minister.

Harikrishna Bantwal, Suresh Ballal, Vijay Kumar Shetty, Sadashiva Ullal, Nagendra, Arun Cohelo, Nazir Bajal, Mithun Rai and T K Sudheer were present. Janardhan-poojary



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