Baba Ramdev at the receiving end from Supreme Court in Delhi police case

3:56 PM, Thursday, February 23rd, 2012

RamilllaNew Delhi: Astonishingly for Ramdev followers in BJP and in north India, the Yoga Guru a Kick in his back from Supreme Court on Thursday, by its holding “Baba: Ramdev guilty in the Delhi police crackdown case, on 04-06.20122 at Ram Leela maidan.

The SC verdict delivered by a Bench said that the Yoga Guru was guilty of “negligence” for a meet held in Delhi, when the local police beat up and hunted thousand of sleeping people who came as protestors, and assembled on Ram Leela grounds to support him (BR), in his vehement protest against illegal secret wealth hidden abroad and corruption within India.

The Supreme Court took a Suo Moto Congnisance of the hard police action at midnight on protestors based on TV shows and media reports, announced a compensation of Rs. 5 Lakhs to the bereaved family of Rajbala (a follower) who died of injuries sustained in police beatings.

The SC took the Delhi police to task for its unwarranted violence when there was no emergency to use canes to beaten up sleeping people in a pandal.

Ramdev called it a “conspiracy” of Delhi police while the police said it was his instigation that prompted action against his followers.

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