Baba Ramdev begins his 5 star Satyagraha defying Congress conspirators

6:47 PM, Saturday, June 4th, 2011

ramdevfastingNew Delhi: The world famous Yoga Teacher, now in the thick of political fights with UPA govt, in which every Congress minister is suspect like DMK’s A.Raja, Kanimozhi and (now) Dayanidhi Maran and Baba wants every corrupt individual to be hanged in public, has started his much advertised indefinite fast unto death on Saturday, the religious day that belongs to Hanuman who smashed every evil devil he met in Sri Lanka in Ramayana, June 4 morning, after the break-down of his long talks with UPA ministers like Pranab, Kapil Sibal, Sahay and many others, with PM nudging them in the background for a desired result (of not undertaking the Fast (or Satyagraha) unto death. Anna Hazare will join at Ramlila Maidan to undertake supporting fast. In Mangalore, BJP sympathizers and yoga students numbering about 60 persons also undertake a fast at DCO gates on Saturday morning for a few hours in sympathy and admiration for Baba’s courage. Many hundreds from all over Hindi belt are still coming on to Delhi to fast with Baba who has religious people’s backing too.
Ramdev held Yoga and a singing session (of hymns) before beginning his nationwide fast conducted in every district (625 of them). He told the gathering of lakhs at the Ramlila Maidan toady that his fast was intended to have the country from the cancer of corruption and to ensure that the poor people got a good life. He had immense faith in the fact that he and his followers would not be defeated in bringing back the black money to the extent of 1.4 trillion rupees in foreign banks. Medha Patkar a social activist fighting for slum-dwellers in Mumbai by fasting, called Ramadev’s agitation an expensive exercise that showed a different face of the protest by spending crores of rupees on fasts and rallies in public. Ramdev did not obtain a break-through in his talks with ministers either.
But he told crowds that the stashed funds in foreign banks were a national asset. He referred to a conspiracy (of UPA rulers) that failed. Sadhwi Ritumbara and hundreds of RSS activists were near him. Congress secretary Digwijay Singh  spat on the fast as a ‘5 star Satyagraha’ describing the wealth Baba spent on air travel, hotels, fancy tents and modern facilities which only Congress could have in 60 years.

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