Bahujan Samaj Party leaders take out an agitational rally in city for land less farmers

12:27 PM, Friday, November 29th, 2013

DalitMangalore : The members of Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) now led by Rajya Sabha MP and Former chief Minister of UP, Mayavathi (a lawyer) staged a protest rally in front of DCO gates on Friday morning , Nov.29, will hundreds of land less labours and small land holders, demanded justice to the farmers who had to occupy govt. lands illegally and cultivate such lands for their livelihood and wanted to regularize their land occupation by conferring rights of land ownership to them without any further delay .

BSP General Secretary in DK unit, Raghu Dharmasen  addressing the rally of farm agitators declared, that the constitution return and passed in Lok Sabha in 1950 had conferred upon the farmers. The right to cultivate lands for food grains. In 1970 such land cultivated were passed on to actual cultivators of the land with a quantity fix by law, for various purposes of cultivation such as agriculture, horti culture and other purposes.

About 70 percent of the land was so distributed among 65 percent of the ryots . A large portion of lands about 30 percent remained in the hands of govt. and a part of it was occupied by land less farmers and labourers for their occupation and livelihood. Such illegal, occupied land in the hands if farmer has not been regularize, nor ownership right of such farm lands were given to them, despite several memoranda were submitted to the govt., central or state, but no action has been taken by these governments in fever of those who actually cultivate the land on a small scale and live around them.

Dharamsen added that land less farmers will intensify their agitation further if constitutional steps where not taken to confer land ownership rights to the tilling farmers or those who grow horti cultural crops on such govt. lands.

Sundar Neerpally, NarayanBodhi, Abdul Kareem, Shivram Pejawar, Gopal Muthoor, Umanath Edapadavu and Vinod Kumar  besides several BSP leaders of the coastal belt were present at the largely attended the  Rally. Dalit




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