Ban burqa, BJP dares Siddaramaiah

11:12 AM, Saturday, November 9th, 2013
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CT-RaviBangalore: Former minister and BJP leader C T Ravi on Friday dared Chief Minister Siddaramaiah to bring in a legislation banning wearing of burqa by Muslim women.

Speaking to reporters at the Palace Grounds in Bangalore, the venue for the Narendra Modi rally, Ravi wondered why the provisions of the bill on anti-superstitious practices being deliberated by the State government should confine only to one community -Hindu.

He said wearing of burqa can also be considered as a superstition.

Ravi dared Siddaramaiah to imprison those who impose the wearing of burqa.

“Made Snana is considered as a blind belief which the government is planning to ban through the proposed bill. May be 500 to 1,000 people may participate in Made Snana in a year. It is a belief which makes them participate in the ritual. It is an individual’s choice,” he added.

But, it is not so in the case of making women wear burqa, Ravi said and added that it was imposed in the name of religion.

“Let the Siddaramaiah government muster courage to ban burqa. This would be welcomed by many Muslim women. Let the chief minister, while planning to ban piercing of tongue by the Hindus as part of a ritual, also look at the belief of Shia Muslims during Muharram,” he said.


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