Beary language should be used give the religious education in mosques: Rasheed Haji

8:30 AM, Tuesday, October 4th, 2016

Beary language Mangaluru: “the religious education in mosques and madarasa’s should be provided to the students in Beary language only,” said DK Wakf board advisory committee President S M R Rasheed Haji.

He was addressing the gathering after inaugurating the Beary language day at Beary Sahitya Academy office, Attavar on Monday.

“Previously also we had tried to change the teaching medium to Beary from Malayalam an in future also we try the same. There is a need of creating awareness regarding the schemes of the government which are established for the development of minorities,” he said.

Speaking on the occasion Konkani Sahitya Academy President Roy Castelino said that a language plays a major role in the development of literature and educational system. There is a need of saving the Beary language for the future generation also.

After releasing the Beary – Kannada – English Dictionary Prof B M Ichlangodu said that there is a unity among the people who speak Konkani and Tulu, but no efforts have been made when it comes to Beary language.

Karnataka Beary academy President B A Muhammad Haneef, Academy registrar Umarabba and others were present.

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