Beauty Tips for Eyes

2:21 PM, Friday, October 26th, 2012

Eye beaty tipsOften, the first part of the face that an onlooker notices is the eye. So it is important to adopt an eye care and eye makeup routine that will lead to beautiful eyes. Along with beauty, healthy eyes are also equally important. Here is a look at some beauty tips for eyes.

For healthy eyes

Sometimes eyes appear red and swollen. If this is the case then no amount of makeup will be able to disguise this ailment. Wash your eyes with cold water as often as possible during the day. If you use contact lens, make sure that you follow the eye care instructions mentioned by your doctor. Use an eye drop if required to get rid of the redness of your eyes.

Choose a good eye base

Foundation must be applied not only on the face but also on the eyelids. Apply a thin layer of foundation rubbing lightly with the ring finger to blend well. This helps to smoothen out the imperfections of the eyes and highlight the eye shadow and eyeliner colors.

Pay attention to the eye shape – The shape of the eyes determines the way in which the makeup should be applied. For instance, if you have large round eyes, a thin line of eyeliner is enough to accentuate the features. Do not use a dark shade of eye shadow for deep set eyes. Highlighting of eyes is essential but never use highlights for very large eyes.

Get rid of dark circles

There is no real alternative to a good night’s sleep for eight hours to keep the dark circles at bay. But if they have already appeared, peel a raw potato and rub on the skin surrounding the eyes. You will notice the difference in the color in as less as seven days! You can also wipe the eyes and its surrounding areas with a cotton ball soaked in cold milk to get rid of dark circles.

Best eye makeup remover

Just as applying makeup on the eyes is important, removing the makeup is also equally important. Not removing eye makeup properly leads to clogged pores and appearance of blemishes around the eyes. Use a cotton ball immersed in baby oil or baby shampoo to clean eyes of its makeup. Follow this by washing with cold water.

To relax the eyes

In contemporary times, eyes are too stressed as a result of constantly staring at television or computer screens. Cut two slices of cucumber and place on the eyes as you sleep. This gives a relaxing effect to the eyes and helps you look fresh.

For dirt free eyes

Accumulation of dirt in the corners of the eyes is a common phenomenon, affecting both the young and the old. You can avoid this by cleaning the eyes every night with rosewater before going to bed.


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