Benefits of Meditation Yoga

6:10 AM, Thursday, July 14th, 2022

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Like charging a battery through meditation, excess energy can be easily stored in the personality.

Continuous practice of meditation improves memory.

Through meditation, the resistance of the body’s skin to the external environment increases by 50 percent.

With regular exercise, the heart rate is better. During prolonged periods of rest, more blood flows to the heart and vitality increases.

During meditation, the oxygen in the body is used for other essential functions.

Even a short period of meditation gives the same energy as a long rest.

It helps control high blood pressure.

Due to the chemical action in the muscles, the acid-like poison ‘blood lactate’ increases significantly in the blood, thus causing mental stress, anxiety, fatigue.

The electrical waves emanating from the brain begin to be carefully arranged.

Meditation increases mental balance and inclination towards natural happiness.

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